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Since its inauguration on 24th March 2016, Edge Gallery has been involved in several programs to help support artists and promote their work. Over time, Edge hopes to shape society for the better by integrating art and culture into people’s sensibilities. Ultimately, all of this is with one mission in mind: To Make This a Better World.

The gallery showcases meaningful artwork and sculpture. The space is also used to host private events that promote culture and fosters creative talent. Revenue from exhibitions and events are funneled into Edge Education that seeks to ensure equitable quality education for all.

Edge Gallery is nestled inside Bay’s Edgewater building in Gulshan 2. With high ceilings, and an indoor-outdoor concept, Edge Gallery is a transitional space that integrates modern construction with spatial continuity to nature. Quiet and serene, it is an ideal space to explore and appreciate the myriad mediums of art.

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