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Infrathin: Perspectives
into our Existence

A Group exhibition by

Various Artist

24 February - 6 April 2024

Before words, before language, comes sight. It is through our eyes that we encounter the world, after being born - forming the bedrock of our conscious understanding. et, John Berger had. . .

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Auric Vibrance: The Cauldron of Passion

A Solo exhibition by

Maksuda Iqbal Nipa

3 December - 24 December 2023

A commitment to enchanting ambiance, Nipa's oil paintings throb with vitality, echoing indescribable energy. Brushstrokes, resembling enchanting spells, create a harmonious. . .


9+ONE: Inter Dimensional Journeys

A group exhibition by

18 Emerging Artist

16 June - 22 July 2023

9+ONE is a collage of works by a handful of young local artists who are passionate about understanding the human condition. The common thread is their deep insight combined with a keen sense of . . .

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The Odyssey

A solo art exhibition by

Md. Tokon

21 Janauary - 16 February 2023

Tokon’s home coming has been twenty years in the making. As 2023 begins, this New York painter returns home to share his innermost feelings and thoughts, captured in a unique style and amazing . . .

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An Ode to Joy

A solo art exhibition by

Rokeya Sultana

27 August - 7 October 2022

For those seeking something a little different, the artist has created a collection that is unique. So, take in the works and perhaps you will find a piece of two that speaks out to you in the inimitable . . .

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The Beckoning

A solo art exhibition by

Azmeer Hossain

18 June  - 23 July 2022

Watercolor is one of the earliest art forms and has been with us since pre-historic times. Poetic as well as spellbinding, it has that subtle quality of transparency . . .

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The Sound of Silence

A Retrospective of

Golam Faruque Bebul

10 December  - 15 January 2022

A fascinating and abstract exploration of color, texture and form in the inimitable style of the artist, showcasing the natural diversity of Bengal, the struggles of everyday life, the rivers and boats.

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Jolokabbo 4

Musings in Watercolor

Various Artist

10 December  - 15 January 2022

Watercolor is one of the earliest art forms and has been with us since pre-historic times. Poetic as well as spellbinding, it has that subtle quality of transparency and glow – a characteristic . . .


Art Camp 2

Various Artist

17 September - 19 September

Three days full of color and creativity beckons at The Edge Art Camp 2. Join us for interactive sessions between some of the most renowned local artists and art enthusiasts to mingle, explore and. . .

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Weaving the Rainbow

Various Artist

26 June - 16 July 2021

Indra loka in mythology is described as the "Heaven of the Gods". Time has shaped the word to be synonymous with a beautiful place where you feel safe, where you are happy and . . .

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Colors of Tradition

Abdus Shakoor Shah
Shambhu Acharya

3 April - 8 May 2021

Edge brings to you the poetic compositions of Abdus Shakoor alongside traditional Potchitros by Shambhu Acharya. We may not realize it, let alone admit, that folklore . . .

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Jolokabbo 3

Various Artist

15 November – 30 December 2020

Join us as we journey once again into the world of water and color. As another winter approaches, Edge brings to you Jolokabbo 3, a collection of artists’ musings through these . . .


Art in the Times of Coronavirus

Various Artist

15 May – 15 August 2020

There is no better time than the Coronavirus lockdown to reflect on the importance of art, not just for those with a predisposition to it,

but all . . .


Art in the Fight Against COVID 19

Various Artist

1 May – 15 May 2020

These are difficult times for all, especially those who are less fortunate. Edge, The Foundation is teaming up with renowned artists of Bangladesh . . .

Edge Art Camp_21.jpg

Art Camp

Various Artist

24 January -  26 January 2020

We would like to start 2020 off with the mingling of painters and art enthusiasts at the Edge Art Camp, a 3-day interactive session, from 24th to 26th ...

The Traveller's Song

Kanak Chanpa Chakma

09 November – 30 November 2019

Among today’s major artists in Bangladesh, Kanak shines through with her unique body of works. Behind the use of vibrant colors lies stories of great depth.  As we lift the yellow . . .

Jolokabbo 2

Various Artist

18 September – 26 October 2019

Vibrant works by 26 watercolor specialists at Edge Gallery explore memories of the land in its various seasons. Presented by Edge, The Foundation as a continuation watercolor  . . .


Dawn of Black

Anukul Chandra Mojumder

27 April – 18 May 2019

The blacks of the artist Anukul’s lines take on a softer, granular quality as he masterfully transfers the charcoal to the canvas.  At the same time the pulsating luminosity . . .


Moving Spirits

Tejosh Halder Josh

18 July – 11 August 2018

A contemporary exhibition and the 2nd Solo by Tejosh Halder Josh poignantly conveying the message to build a better society. Josh engages in the notion of space with objects and . . .


Silent Reveletions

Mohammad Iqbal

20 April – 10 May 2018

Artist Mohammad Iqbal’s narrative begins about 50m years ago with the mountainside a backdrop that has been witness to the erection of the statues from a great civilization . . .


The Red Thread

of Bangladesh


24 February – 09 March 2018

The exhibition features new works of  young embroiders from Chhonya Hosto Shilpo in the village of Jessore in collaboration with the Italian artist and traveler Tarshito - meaning  . . .

jeler ghore fera . 30x21 inc          20

Jolokabbo 1

Various Artist

26 November – 15 December 2017

This exhibition is a collection of stories of common people, of rural and urban life, in water and color.Vibrant works by 14 watercolor specialists at Edge Gallery explore  . . .

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Urban Rumination


21 May – 2 June 2017

While Dhaka has been transforming at break- neck pace over the last two decades, artist Anisuzzaman has been quietly capturing our morphing urban scenery and retelling  . . .


An Abstract Affair

Mohammad Eunus

31 March – 8 April 2017

Eunus states that his paintings “come alive with universal energy that is immediately felt by an observer”. Seeking inspiration from anything and everything: from inane, discarded  . . .

Sands of Time

Jamal Ahmed

11 November – 25 November 2016

Through sweeping strokes and supple textures, Ahmed’s canvases attain a vivacious quality; his paintings embody an enigmatic quality that works on many levels from . . .


Various Artist

04 June – 17 June 2016

The exhibition ‘Imprint’ is a significant attempt in successive tradition of Bangladeshi printmaking. Beginning with the masters, seven key artists has participated . . .



Tajuddin Ahmed

29 January – 13 February 2016

Tajuddin’s work has evolved with time, digging deeper with each passing day. This is evident from the nuanced emphasis on a myriad tiny objects and myths, the hazy semi-nude . . .

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