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Colors of Tradition

Spring is here, a year has gone by and yet COVID lingers.

While we remember the fallen, let us also honor them by embracing the true spirit that the season embodies – with a harmonious duet that will resonate beyond our gallery walls and into the future. Let us journey into the mystical world of folklore through a legacy of folk-art that is in its ninth generation as well as through the eyes of a contemporary painter.

Edge brings to you the poetic compositions of Abdus Shakoor alongside traditional Potchitros by Shambhu Acharya. We may not realize it, let alone admit, that folklore has been the hidden shadow driving our definition of what art is, and can be. Come see for yourself…

Participating Artists:
Abdus Shakoor Shah, Shambhu Acharya


We place special emphasis on ensuring physical distancing and proper safety and hygiene standards. The health and safety of the community is our top priority. 

Exhibition: 3 April - 8 May, 2021

Enquiries: +88 0175 569 3676

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