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Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin was the first ever print master of East Bengal. Followed by Safiuddin Ahmed, Mohammad Kibria and Quamrul Hassan who were among the earliest pioneers. With their artistic inclinations, they introduced the masses to the art of printmaking.

Printmaking: a mechanical art endeavor wherein one can feel the agony of creation. Wherein the block - be it wood, stone, copper - is etched by hand tools, creating masterpieces in the process. In etching or dry point, lines, forms and symbols become static in space, and the painstaking transfer from block to paper is an experience in itself. Printmaking in this region basically grew alongside with the growth of printing industry. This media was just wonderful to reach the masses. It played a remarkable role specially during the blooming of Bengali renaissance in 19th century where artists joined the journey out of their own impulse.

The exhibition ‘Imprint’ is a significant attempt in successive tradition of Bangladeshi printmaking. Beginning with the masters, seven key artists has participated, who constructed their own language in printmaking over varied times.


Participating Artists:


  1. Shahabuddin Ahmed

  2. Murtaja Baseer

  3. Rafiqun Nabi

  4. Monirul Islam

  5. Shahid Kabir

  6. Rokeya Sultana


Exhibition Date: 04 June – 17 June 2016

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