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Infrathin: Perspectives into our Existence
a group art exhibition by 15 featured artists

Before words, before language, comes sight. It is through our eyes that we encounter the world, after being born — forming the bedrock of our conscious understanding.

Yet, John Berger had argued in his book “Ways of Seeing”, this initial encounter is far from pure. Our perception is sculpted by the invisible hand of power, by the social and cultural context that filters and shapes what we see. A painting, for instance, is not merely a canvas and pigments; it's a social document, a reflection of the hierarchies and ideologies of its time.


On that note, Edge acts as the catalyst, uniting 15 previously featured artists to collectively create “Infrathin” — a nuanced space that serves as the conduit for their artistic logics, resonating with the complexities of unseen, and the societal context. In the collaborative embrace of Infrathin, the artists channel their creative energies, forming a cohesive vessel that not only captivates but also reflects the significance of the world around us.

Join us for an exhibition of the works of a group art exhibition by 15 featured artists. 

24 February - 6 April 2024
10 am - 8 pm

Edge Gallery, Bay’s Edgewater
Enqueries: +88 0175 569 3676


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