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Italian Contemporary Art Day

The 15th Contemporary Art Day is organized annually by the Association of the Italian Museums of Contemporary Art – AMACI in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities to bring the art of our era to the general public.


This was a wonderful setting where the Italian and Bangladeshi artists exhibited their works and hold workshops on the current scene of the Italian Contemporary Art. The program would be supported by the Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation and Edge, The Foundation in Collaboration with Lightbox Venice.

Congratulations to the Embassy of Italy in organizing the 15th Italian Contemporary Art Day for the first time in Dhaka. The Scent of Time hosted at Edge, The Foundation on 11th and 12th of October will feature for the first time in Dhaka four Italian artists, David Dalla Venezia, Cosima Montavoci, Andrea Morucchio, Chiara Tubia, and the curator Caterina Corni, with the Bangladeshi artists, Dilara Begum Jolly, Dhali Al Mamoon, Kamruzzaman Shadhin and Noor Ahmed Gelal.


Exhibition Dates: 10 October – 12 October 2019

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