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“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

- Henry Ward Beecher


JOLOKABBO is a collection of stories of common people, of rural and urban life, in water and color.

We will see realism and impressionism counterpointed with abstract works, all with the common thread of our rural origins. The nature of watercolor lies in its impulsiveness and the textures it seems to create of its own accord, and its legendary luminosity are some of the qualities often praised. An unpredictable medium, watercolor is uniquely challenging and the most difficult to master. It needs a deep understanding of how hues interact with each other, and how water carries pigments through the fibers of canvas.

Today, our painters take this tradition forward as they experiment with various styles. Watercolors can produce extraordinarily beautiful and versatile art and is not just for experienced artists. 

A journey into this world of water and color this winter and explore the everyday musings of our painters. Discovering how their masterly strokes bring to life memories, landscapes, and riverine ways. Immerse into a dialogue, often capturing the beauty of man’s love of his land and sometimes telling a stormier tale: Vibrant works by 14 watercolor specialists at Edge Gallery explore memories of the land in its various seasons. Presented by Edge, The Foundation as the first watercolor show at Edge Gallery, discovers a spectrum of emotions portrayed through vivid paintings of nature, captured in the form of landscapes and riverine life.



  1. Al-Akhir Sarker

  2. Anisur Rahman

  3. Hamiduzzaman Khan

  4. Mintu Dey, 

  5. Nabaraj Roy

  6. Nazmul Haque Bappy

  7. Ranjit Das

  8. Samarjit Roy Choudhury

  9. Shakirun Nahar Kanon

  10. Sharmin Akhter Lina

  11. Shohag Parvez

  12. Soikat Hossain

  13. Sultan Ishtiaque

  14. Warior Rahman Sami


Exhibition Dates: 26 November – 15 December 2017

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