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Mind The Earth

The beauty of the planet’s natural & man-made formations - through Google Earth!


Having reached out to global audiences in Copenhagen, Paris and Marrakech, international photo exhibition Mind the Earth: A New Perspective has arrived in Dhaka with its founder and curator, Kasper Brejnholt Bak. The Embassy of Denmark in Bangladesh, in partnership with Edge, The Foundation presents this thought-provoking journey.


The gripping photos at the exhibition raise consciousness about planet Earth, how it has naturally come to be as it is today and how we, its inhabitants, continue to change its face, for the better and for worse. Rightfully so, Mind the Earth has been exhibited at COP21 in Paris and COP22 in Marrakech, the most important global conference on climate change.


Mind the Earth, now a non-profit organization running for 2 years with exhibitions held in 4 countries, is focusing primarily on communication through exhibitions, publications and other communication initiatives with a goal to increase awareness about the challenges the world is facing in terms of climate change, population growth, urbanization and management of the limited resources of the planet in a broader sense. The overall theme of the exhibition is the intertwined subjects of sustainable development and climate change, explored through striking photos secured via Google Earth’s satellites.



Exhibition Dates:28 April – 6 May 2017

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