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Moving Spirits, a contemporary exhibition and the 2nd Solo by Tejosh Halder Josh poignantly conveying the message to build a better society. Josh engages in the notion of space with objects, and architecture, thereby enhancing our sense of perception and reasoning; bringing to light the need for higher morals in the world today.


In the exhibition Moving Spirits we can see the painter in Josh, working with skillful strokes on solid heavy surfaces of metal sheets using acid, sometimes paint, and sometimes both. These volumetric, yet painterly, works suggest a seminal catapult in his artistic journey. Josh’s works emanate the captivating power of poetry, radiating from these seductive forms is a tale of a beauty that knows no geography nor borders, that transcends language and culture, something universal. As your eyes hover over a curved form, then as you gaze at another shapely object, molded so very sensitively that it defies the very material it is made from, you are reminded of a magnum opus symphony. The nebulous forms you see in the works in iron and wood, bring out a similar lyrical nature, perhaps an influence from his MFA days. In the wood series, form morphs to abstract thought which brings out the essence of the expression in simple and flowing, yet powerful and unobtrusive lines which characterize Josh’s artistic style.


The artist constantly uses events and anecdotes from his experiences of local and global history, culture and life experiences to build the matrix of subtle connotations and contexts that the viewer is mesmerized by. It is indeed difficult to define Josh’s work into a box. He is an astute contemporary artist who fills the viewers vision with wonder and fantasy, yet keeps us rooted to reality in a gentle yet powerfully visual mode that very few are able to achieve – something that is very much needed in our increasingly mechanical world, fast dwindling of spirit.



Exhibition Dates: 18 July – 11 August 2018

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