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Alo Andhare

Alo Andhare

SKU: KCC/AP/1601.23

Kanak Chanpa Chakma


Acrylic on Paper

40 cm x 48 cm


Kanak Chanpa Chakma's "Alo Andhare" masterfully captures the interplay of light and shadow, creating a striking visual impact. The painting features a figure rendered in intricate detail, with a delicate balance between illuminated and shaded areas. Kanak Chanpa Chakma's signature style, highlighting the essence of the Chakma people's lives, is evident in the emotional depth and vibrant portrayal. This artwork exemplifies her ability to blend technical prowess with profound storytelling.

Note: If there is a Red Rounded mark or Sold button, then the "Artwork" is Not Available to book any more.

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