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Life seems to be in fill display in Lokhibazar with its bustling streets and labyrinthine alleys. All bursting on at their seams. These passages are full of energy and colorfully wrapped in local wit. But there is also the daily struggle of the individual, each trying to survive in the ever increasingly overcrowded neighborhoods. Rokonpur is one such mahallah that Tajuddin Ahmed calls home. There incessant daily images have deeply ingrained themselves in the artist and have continued inspire him since childhood.


Tajuddin’s work has evolved with time, digging deeper with each passing day. This is evident from the nuanced emphasis on a myriad tiny object s and myths , the hazy semi-nude figures and hollow forms in the latter pieces. For this exhibition, numerous canvas sizes have been selected to offer a stimulating insight into the story. 

In ReDiscovery we see changes brought about by experimentation with materials and some unique application processes. The application of colors, mingling forms and textural intensity was of primary concern in these acrylic based paintings. In some we see mellow textures and soothing surfaces that are enticingly malleable, in an effort to invoke sentimental, deep emotions to the viewer. Over the years, the artist has played and experimented with various themes, but one of the focal points that has remained is a mythological resemblance between flora and fauna with the vivacious of the old Dhaka, in all of its human interactions, in its nostalgia.

Exhibition Dates: 29 January – 13 February 2016

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