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Realism ushered in the modern era of art in the early 19th century, and with it came the depiction of the real world and people’s everyday experiences. This progressive movement began to uncover novel truths by re-examination of traditional system.  In time, this style influenced the founder’s of the modern art movement in Bengal of the early 50’s.

A Fine Art alumnus of the University of Dhaka, Jamal Ahmed continued to hone his talent by heading to Poland and Japan for further studies. His exposure encouraged him to plunge deep into realism and explore the novelty of the subject and since then, Ahmed has been successfully documenting the scenic beauty of Bengal. Paying reverence to the common people, his subjects are more than often riverine communities, to include boatmen, fishermen, locals and flood-affected villagers. He does not fail to include the melodious bauls that are synonymous with rural Bangladesh and also makes time for the less fortunate vagabonds drifting around in the hope of somehow making a living.

Through sweeping strokes and supple textures, Ahmed’s canvases attain a vivacious quality; his paintings embody an enigmatic quality that works on many levels from the visual to the subconscious. Tranquility is a vital component in Ahmed’s works; an observer will find that his acrylic strokes follow the typical watercolor tonalities - soft and seemingly transparent. His subjects appear to be in a melancholic trance and often his figures look poignant, drawing us closer to their experiences.

Exhibition Dates: 11 November – 25 November 2016

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