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Inter Dimensional Journeys
a group art exhibition by 18 Emerging Artists

The soul finds its way
Questions to answers await
A quest for beyond

9+ONE is a collage of works by a handful of young local artists who are passionate about understanding the human condition. The common thread is their deep insight combined with a keen sense of observation and their unorthodox styles of expression.

The exhibition title alludes to the nine physical dimensions plus time, and the possibility of interdimensional journeys – if only in our minds.

You will find pieces that are rather playful in nature, but carry serious messages. Others pose disturbing and uncomfortable questions, and rightfully so.

We find their work a breath of fresh air and inspirational – as provocative as they are exhilarating. Come and enjoy the surprising journeys that await you.

Imagine centuries ago, lying back on a haystack and stargazing, and wondering how and why the stars were orbiting around us. Yes, there was a time when mankind was at the center of a universe. Let’s rewind a few more centuries to a place where people are playing out their roles on a flat earth but terrified of falling off the far edges and burning in hell for eternity. Then fast-forward to today, where some are hoping to take a rocket ship to the moon for a weekend under those very stars in this lifetime. 

Indeed, we are discovering more and more about our wonderous universe, yet so much about ourselves still remain unexplored. Imagine if we could travel in time, to a parallel universe and live to return and tell the tale.

Throughout history, in philosophy and in science, great thinkers have helped open our eyes time and again to the existence of new worlds and ideas. In art, the Modernist movement helped shed traditional values, and emphasized the importance of individual experience, and the world is so much the richer for it.

Challenging the norm has led us to discover that there is more to our world than meets the eye. It boggles the mind to think that there are not 3, but actually 9 physical

dimensions plus time. Yes, it is the stuff of fiction. So, what do these dimensions hold for us? What would our future look like if we could journey into these other dimensions? Nobody knows for sure, but when did that stop us from taking fiction concepts and building around that?

This exhibition is an attempt to bring meld that fiction with our reality to help shed some light into the uncharted realms. 9+ONE is that stage where a handful of promising individuals who are unafraid to ask uncomfortable questions and to seek clarity. We may never end up in a voyage through the unexplored dimensions, but these artists’ works surely engage all our senses in a way that perhaps offers a sneak peek into inter-dimensional journeys.

Participating Artists

Soma Surovi Jannat 
Jinnatun Jannat 
Syed Tareq Rahman 
Nazmun Nahar Keya 
Farzana Ahmed Urmi 
Anisuzzaman Faroque 

Sharad Das 
Suborna Morsheada 
Rakibul Anwar 
Nargis Poly 
Apu Rajbongshi
Ananya Mehpar Azad

Auntora Mehrukh Azad
Rupom Roy
Rasel Rana
Azizee Fawmi Khan
Hridita Anisha
Mahmuda Siddika

16 June - 22 July 2023
10 am - 8 pm

Edge Gallery
Bay’s Edgewater

Enqueries: +88 0170 121 6666

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