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JOLOKABBO 2 is enriched with scenic beauty of artworks. Such beauty is native to water color paintings conceived of this region of Bangladesh.

Realism is the branch of artwork where artists share how they see reality. There is a current trend to take realism to ‘photo-realism’ where the art work looks like a camera photograph. The perfectionist who achieves such feat does deserve an applause. But art is not only about perfection, it is about seeing perfection in imperfection.These water color artists have preserved the rawness of original water color paintings with bold strokes, subtle blending, and crafty contrasts while trying to reinvent realism in their own way. However, art is not about perfection, it is about seeing perfection in imperfection, and these artists clearly know where to detail, when to stop.

Water color artworks are smooth and figurative by nature. Much of the works in this event are therefore object based; one of the noticeable objects being ‘boat’. However, rural and urban roads, houses; trees, green fields; dusks and dawns are clearly the sources of interest.


Immerse into a dialogue between color and water, often capturing the beauty of man’s love of his land and sometimes telling a stormier tale: Vibrant works by 26 watercolor specialists at Edge Gallery explore memories of the land in its various seasons. Presented by Edge, The Foundation as a continuation watercolor show, discover a spectrum of emotions portrayed through vivid paintings of nature, captured in the form of landscapes and riverine life.


Participating Artists:


  1. Alakesh Ghosh

  2. Al-Akhir Sharkar

  3. Anisur Rahman

  4. Anisuzzaman

  5. Ariful Islam

  6. Azmeer Hossain

  7. Biren Shome

  8. Hamiduzzaman Khan

  9. Jamal Ahmed

  10. Kamruzzoha

  11. Kauser Hossain

  12. Mintu Dey

  13. Monirul Islam

  14. Nabaraj Roy

  15. Nafiuzzaman Nafi

  16. Nazmul Haque Bappy

  17. Ranjit Das

  18. Sabbir Ahmed

  19. Samarjit Roy Chowdhury

  20. Shakirunnahar Kanon

  21. Sharmin Akter Lina

  22. Shohag Parvez

  23. Soikat Hossain

  24. Sultan Ishtiaque

  25. Warior Rahman Sami

  26. Zahangir Alom 


Exhibition Dates: 18 September – 26 October 2019

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