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The Making of Kuhu Art III

Kuhu Plamondon, an artist from Dhaka, has been experimenting with wearable art for decades now.


Known for her flexibility as an artist since 1972, Kuhu revealed her artistry in textile design in 1980, merging her two passions henceforth. But she does have a special place in her heart for wearable arts. It excites her to think that wherever the wearers go, they take her arts with them.

Waterlilies, tuberose, strong women, especially faces, fuels this artist's mind while she attempts to express her ideas in vibrant colors, which reminds us of Paul Gauguin. Her styles with blocks, screen prints, and faces, seems to have an influence of Frida Kahlo ingrained in them.

While earning so much applause and success, she did not remain content. She developed a team of wearable art artists which keeps innovating everyday, making jewelry, furniture, designer clothes, and more.

This winter, come celebrate with us as we present the captivating works of Kuhu Plamondon, The Making of Kuhu Art III, with its vermillion reds and golden yellows, waiting to be a heartfelt trip through nostalgia.


We place special emphasis on ensuring physical distancing and proper safety and hygiene standards. The health and safety of the community is our top priority. Masks are mandatory.

Enquiries: +88 0175 569 3676

Exhibition Dates: 18 November  – 23 November 2022

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