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The Odyssey
Crossroads of Dreams and Memories
a solo art exhibition by Md

I dream my painting
and I paint my dream

- Vincent Van Gogh

Every now and then there is that desire in all of us for time to stop, and for us to feel that stillness – The Odyssey offers us just that. Come, join us on a journey to enjoy art of astonishing beauty and surprise yourself with the experience of being in mysterious crossroads, perhaps of your very own memories and dreams.

Tokon’s homecoming has been twenty years in the making. As 2023 begins, this New York painter returns home to share his innermost feelings and thoughts, captured in a unique style and amazing compositions with oil. His broad-brush technique on huge canvases evokes in us pure emotions that easily overwhelm any distractions that our intellect might conjure up. Only the most sincere and direct approach to storytelling through painting can accomplish such a profound level of engagement.

Edge, The Foundation welcomes you to experience the crossroads of dreams and memories.

21 January - 16 February 2023
10 am - 10 pm

Edge Gallery
Bay’s Edgewater

Enqueries: +88 0175 569 3676

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